Housing and mould construction

Whether for the protection of highly sensitive assemblies and areas or as a scaffold for your product – housings and complexly designed shapes can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Should standard solutions not be suitable for you due to special requirements or sizes, we will manufacture housings, covers and shapes of any kind individually and quickly and at low cost for you.

Prototype construction

The conventional production of functional prototypes can take days, even weeks for complicated parts, and is a cost factor that often makes complex prototypes seem uneconomical.

With additive production, these factors are a thing of the past. Save yourself long machine occupancies and high personnel costs. We manufacture dimensionally accurate, heavy-duty functional prototypes for you. You benefit not only from our extensive range of materials, but also from immense cost and time savings.

Single-piece production

Thanks to additive manufacturing and our modern machinery, you will always remain flexible with us as a manufacturing service provider.

Due to the lack of retooling costs and high productive times, you will receive every part from batch size one cost-effectively and custom-made – and within the shortest possible time.

Small-lot production

We offer you flexible and fast small series up to 500 pieces. We manufacture even the most complex parts reliably and resiliently in series. This is how you keep your company up to date – cost-efficient and time-saving.


We see ourselves as a full-service provider. Therefore, we are not only available to you as a supplier of your demanding parts, but also support you in the construction of your products.

From the revision of existing files to the order construction of complex parts, we are your reliable contact partner.

Non-binding advice

Do you have any questions about additive manufacturing? We will be happy to advise you at any time – whether by telephone, e-mail or in a personal conversation.

Benefit from our know-how and discover the world of industrial 3D printing.

Quality and Know How

When manufacturing your parts, we regard the demand for the highest quality as a minimum requirement for ourselves. Therefore, our production processes are subject to permanent control. For this purpose we have the possibility to use a laser-supported construction process control for your most complex parts and thus set new standards. In addition, a careful final inspection is carried out before each part is delivered. So you receive ready-to-use components, fixtures, housings and much more, without having to rework them or wait for long complaints. Contact us today or send us your non-binding inquiry. We will be happy to advise you or make you an offer free of charge!