3D gedruckte Vorrichtungen, Betriebsmittel

Devices, equipment and industrial components

We manufacture devices, tools and lightweight components using market-leading 3D printing processes and the latest hardware and software solutions. This significantly reduces your manufacturing and production costs, and optimizes and simplifies production processes.

We would be happy to support you in the development of new components and in the use of 3D printed parts in your existing processes.

Fast spare parts management

Thanks to additive manufacturing, we reproduce your required spare parts quickly and cost-effectively, or reconfigure them individually according to your wishes.

By manufacturing the components with endless carbon, Kevlar, or glass fiber embedded, the components achieve high strength and dimensional stability, as well as excellent surface quality with the stability of metal.

3D gedrucktes Ersatzteil Rolle für Scharnk
3D gedruckte Maschinenteile

Machine components

3D printed machine components made of fiber-reinforced plastic with the stability of metal.

We manufacture individual machine parts either according to your drawing, a supplied file, or we can help you with the design.

Flanges & adapters

When it comes to custom-made flanges and adaptations, costs play a major role. We address this cost issue with our state-of-the-art printing process. Our flanges and adaptations are made from low-wear, durable and extremely stable composite plastics. The finished product is also created overnight. As a result, costs and time expenditure are minimized sustainably and noticeably.

3D gedruckte Flansche und Adapter
Kondtruktion im eigenen Haus


We offer quick and competent advice for your ideas and visions. That is why our design department accompanies you from the planning to the conception and production of your components.

The focus of our work is the optimization of mass and material volume, without impairing the resilience of the components. In addition, when manufacturing our products, we attach great importance to simplifying the production processes and one
reasonable distribution of costs.


With GRIPNEXT we have created a brand especially for the production of product and customer-specific handling devices and industrial components.
At www.gripnext.com we bundle our know-how and offer you access to our entire range of services. There you will also find interesting information about our products and options, as well as our special 3D printing process.

Unsere Marke Gripnext

Non-binding request

Do you have any questions about 3D printed devices, equipment and industrial components? We would be happy to advise you at any time – whether by phone, email or in person.

Benefit from our know-how and discover the world of industrial high-performance 3D printing.

When manufacturing your parts, we consider the requirement for the highest quality to be a minimum requirement for ourselves. That is why our production processes are subject to permanent control. We have the option of using a laser-assisted construction process control for your most complex parts and thus setting new standards. In addition, a careful final inspection is carried out before the delivery of each part. So you get ready-to-use components, devices and much more without having to rework them or wait for long complaints. Contact us today or send us your non-binding request. We would be happy to advise you or make you a free offer!