Basic materials:


Our Onyx material is carbon fibre blended nylon and is a high strength thermoplastic with excellent heat resistance, surface finish and chemical resistance.

Onyx serves as a thermoplastic matrix for our composite parts and can be printed alone or reinforced with a continuous fibre. From tools, prototypes and fixtures to end parts, Onyx offers the perfect finish for your requirements.

The strength of nylon/PA6, the stiffness of fibre-reinforced plastic and a heat distortion temperature of 145°C make Onyx the ideal 3D printing material for all industrial applications.

The added micro-carbon fibre also provides stable components with a much higher surface stability. You can use the components manufactured by us directly without chemical or mechanical finishing. Due to its black, matt colour, Onyx is perfectly suited for ready-to-install components.

Onyx FR

Can it be a little hotter?
Onyx FR is the flame retardant version of the versatile Onyx material. According to UL94 V-0 it has a thickness of 3 mm. With this state-of-the-art material, we manufacture parts for you where flammability plays an important role, making Onyx FR ideal for strong, lightweight and flame retardant components. It has been specially developed for industries such as aerospace, automotive and defence.

Nylon White

The new Nylon White is a technical thermoplastic that is even stronger, stiffer and more reliable than the old nylon material, which has a smooth, non-abrasive surface and can be reinforced with any continuous fibre.

Fiber reinforcement (continuous fibers):

Carbon fiber

Carbon fibre has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the reinforcing fibres we offer. It is six times stronger and eighteen times stiffer than onyx. For this reason, carbon fiber is mainly used in parts intended to replace aluminum parts.

Bending strength 470 MPa bending strength 51 GPa

Glass fibre:

The glass fiber material offers high strength at a low cost of production. Glass fiber is 2.5 times stronger and eight times stiffer than Onyx and reinforces parts to form for example strong and robust tools.

Bending strength 210 MPa bending stiffness 22 GPa

HSHT Glass fibre:

The High Strength High Temperature (HSHT) glass fibre we use has aluminium-like strength and temperature resistance. It is five times stronger and seven times stiffer than Onyx, making it a high-strength material for your components.

Bending strength 420 MPa bending strength 21 GPa


Kevlar® is lightweight, durable and strong, in short: it has excellent properties. This makes it the ideal material for repeated and sudden loads. It is as stiff as glass fiber, but much more ductile and therefore perfect for your particularly stressed components.

190 MPa flexural strength 26 GPa flexural strength

Quality and Know How

We see ourselves as a full-service provider. Therefore, we are not only available to you as a supplier of your demanding parts, but also support you in the design. From the revision of existing files to the order design of complex parts, we are your reliable partner.