Basic materials:


Onyx is our high-performance plastic, consisting of PA6 and short-fiber carbon fiber chips. Onyx is used to manufacture rigid, strong parts that meet the highest demands on the material. Already unreinforced, Onyx is 1.4 times stronger than ABS and can also be equipped with any reinforcing fiber. Our onyx devices and components set new standards in terms of stability and rigidity.

Nylon White

Our nylon is strong and impact resistant. The white smooth surface is abrasion-resistant, which is why nylon components are a versatile alternative.

Nylon can also be combined with all of our reinforcing fibers.

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Fiber reinforcement (continuous fibers):

Carbon fiber

The strength of aluminum at half the weight. Our carbon fiber reinforcement was developed for the production of high-performance components that are intended to replace parts machined from aluminum.

glass fiber

Glass fiber is the ideal material for the simple reinforcement of components. This material offers high strength at an affordable price.

HSHT glass fiber

HSHT glass fibers offer the rigidity of aluminum. They were specially developed for use in environments where high temperatures act on the component in addition to mechanical stress.


For applications in applications where repeated and sudden loads occur, we use our Kevlar reinforcement. It is light, durable and strong and therefore ideal for use in handling components.

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