From the idea to the finished component!

Do you have a special application and need individually manufactured components? Or do you want to optimize your processes by using 3D printed parts? Then you are exactly right with us! Gripper jaws, tool holders, or clamping jaws specially adapted to your processes are just a small selection of our extensive options. Whether comfortably via our individual inquiry or during an informative conversation on the phone – our team looks forward to hearing from you.

3D Drucker bei der Arbeit

about us

GAF – Gesellschaft für additive Fabric mbH is your competent partner for 3D printed high-performance components made of fiber-reinforced plastic. Our owner-managed company was founded with the aim of supplementing traditional tool and fixture construction with additively manufactured high-tech products.

We have created GRIPNEXT to bundle our know-how. A brand, especially for the production of product and customer-specific devices and industrial components. Today’s range of services includes the production of devices, equipment and spare parts for almost every branch of industry. Brackets, connecting elements, machine components, grippers for industrial robots and tool holders are just a small extract from our extensive production portfolio.

Our aim is always to combine what is technically feasible with what makes economic sense. Our modern process, in which a composite material is reinforced with an additional, freely selectable continuous fiber, offers the optimal basis for this. Each component is specially adapted to the individual needs of our customers. This is how we optimize our products in terms of dimension, weight, manufacturing time and costs. This enables us to create efficiency and sustainability in the shortest possible time.

We rely on fast and competent advice when implementing the ideas and visions of our demanding customers. That is why our own construction department accompanies every customer step by step from planning to conception and production.

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Additive manufacturing for your projects

The use of additive manufacturing makes it possible to manufacture personalized products for customers at economically reasonable prices. The reason for this: No matter whether one-off production or the production of larger quantities in one batch, the costs remain the same due to the lack of retrofitting, the elimination of unused raw materials and excess production.