A wide range of standard materials:

Do you already have precise ideas about the material you want your components to be made of?

  • ABS/ASA*
  • PLA
  • PET/G*
  • PU
  • PC
  • PA*
  • Composite materials (glass fibre/GF or carbon fibre/CF filled)
  • Special material on request

*Our ABS/ASA, PET/G and PA6 materials are each also available as a CF variant with a carbon fibre filling.

You know what your component must be able to do? That’s enough for us, we will make the right choice of material for you!

  • Colour
  • Heat resistance (up to UL94-V0 flame retardant)
  • ESD-capable
  • Stability
  • Surface finish
  • Hardness class (flexible materials also possible)
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Use under water
  • High level of detail (resin printing)

The following materials are available for Markforged technology (fibre-reinforced components):


Onyx is our high-performance plastic, consisting of PA6 and short-fibre carbon fibre shavings. We use Onyx to produce bend-resistant and strong parts according to the highest demands on the material. Already unreinforced, Onyx is 1.4 times stronger than ABS and can be additionally equipped with any reinforcing fibre. Our fixtures and components made of onyx set new standards in terms of stability and rigidity.

Onyx FR

Onyx FR is a flame retardant version of Onyx that has a thickness of 3 mm according to UL94 V-0. 

Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD is a static dissipative, safe variant of Onyx that meets stringent ESD safety requirements while providing excellent strength, rigidity and surface finish.

For your most demanding components, we reinforce Onyx, Onyx FR and Onyx ESD with the following fibres:

Carbon fibre

The strength of aluminium at half the weight. Our carbon fibre reinforcement was developed for the production of high-performance components to replace machine-made aluminium parts.

Glass fibre

Glass fibre is the ideal material for simple reinforcement of components. This material offers high strength at an affordable price.

HSHT Glass fibre

HSHT glass fibres offer the stiffness of aluminium. They have been specially developed for use in environments where high temperatures act on the component in addition to the mechanical load.


For use in applications where repeated and sudden loads occur, we use our reinforcement with Kevlar. It is lightweight, durable and strong and therefore ideally suited for use in handling components.

Not the right material for your application yet?

Our specialists will be happy to discuss a variety of other exciting materials and options with you during a free initial consultation. 

exciting materials and possibilities.